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Brush Strokes

Aesthetics Reimagined

You can get Botox and Filler and still look like yourself.  It is okay to want to enhance what you already have.  I have learned that a little goes a long way and I am conservative, this is your face.  Aesthetic Medicine/Injections are a luxury.  No one NEEDS aesthetic procedures, we like them because they make us feel good and confident.  I love injecting, and day by day, I get to inject confidence.  It isn't about vanity, it is "seeing" yourself again and liking what you "see."  I want to educate you on what I do and why I do it.  There are no silly questions,  if I don't know that answer, I will find someone who does.  What I am doing is safe (even the FDA agrees) and it is proven by science.  Let's make the process easy and stress free.

Prior to booking any services,
you must attend a telemedicine appointment with my Medical Director.

Brush Strokes

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